Saint Petersburg Transport Map



You will easily get around the city centre, find out about the trolleybus, tram and bus routes of Saint Petersburg and understand how to go to the Hermitage, the Mariinsky Theatre or Moskovskiy (Moscow) railway station by public transport with our Saint Petersburg Transport Map. The Map shows Saint Petersburg main sights and transport hubs (railway stations, ports and metro stations) and the connections between them.

The colour of every line indicates the public transport route number, and the line’s shape points at the means of transport (bus, trolleybus or tram).

You can use the demo version of Saint Petersburg Transport Map online in the current section or take it for free in one of the offices or information centres of St.Petersburg Tourist Information Bureau, many hotels and museums in the city centre.

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Free transport maps of Saint Petersburg and its suburbs are unique information products, first of the kind on the territory of Russia. Saint Petersburg particularly needs them: due to the expanse of the city centre, remoteness of the suburbs, weather conditions, difficulties with English among transport workers and other factors. This ensures the high demand for Saint Petersburg Transport Map and Suburban Transport Map of Saint Petersburg among the guests of “the Venice of the North”. You can read some reviews of our products in About Us section.


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