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Dear travelers!

Here you will find basic infromation about Saint Petersburg.

Welcome to Saint Petersburg, Northern Venice, Russian Amsterdam and cultural and tourist capital of Russia. Here you can enjoy the white nights, beautiful architecture, amazing shopping, delicious cuisine, 24-hours working shops, cafes, bars and restaurants and everlasting fun and inspiration. Saint Petersburg is one of the most romantic and vibrant cities where you can walk the whole night around the city called as open-air museum, kissing in front of the draw bridges and listening to the street musicians. Here you will meet face to face with Russian Dostoevsky, Chaikovsky, Harms, Malevich, French Voltaire and Rousseau, Italian Quarenghi and Trezzini, English Cameron, Finnish Aalto and many other celebrities. You can experience snow, wind, rain 60 days in a row, borshch, pancakes and limitless Russian hospitality. Saint Petersburg is Russian window into Europe, gay capital of Russia (surprise!) with nude beaches, strong ecological and political opposition movements. Prepare to challenge your stereotypes! But if you are still afraid of bears and not speaking English locals here you’ll find the best St. Petersburg guide written by locals where you can ask any questions about the city and get a piece of advice on where to eat, what to see and how to protect yourself against bears.

More general information about tourist opportunities of the city you can find here at Saint Petersburg official portal www.visit-petersburg.ru

Feel comfortable in Saint Petersburg! There are several tourist offices in the center of the city: if you need some piece of advice, help or free information materials and even discounts feel free to visit them. They are very friendly, helpful and speak various languages. Addresses of offices you will find on the city official portal.

Transport maps of Saint Petersburg and how to get to Peterhof, bus to Catherine Palace and train to Vyborg you can find here, on our website. If you need a printed version, check the reception of your hotel. If you hotel does not have it motivate them to get in touch with us immediately and we will deliver transport map to your hotel as soon as possible.

Pieces of advice about where to buy original souvenirs, what to learn from Russians, where to have lunch or picnic, where to meet locals etc. you can find listing pages of our website.

Enjoy your trip to the mystery! Enjoy Saint Petersburg!