If matreshkas, fridge magnets  and cups with the city views do not look authentic enough for you to bring home some Russian items of local production as souvenirs can be the best option for you. First of all, you can buy Russian sweets such as chocolate bars of Korkunov or Babaevsky, Russian traditional melted sugar candies – petushki, which can be found in any supermarket. Saint Petersburg local chocolate is represented by the factory “Krasniy Oktyabr’” (“Red October” so Soviet!), chocolate bars “Alenka” and some other candies and sweets. Any kind of pryanics, Russian traditional cookies with various fillings, can be also a delicious souvenir. By the way, don’t miss “Sever” delicious sweets and cakes, the favorite sweets of locals, – “Sever” cafes chain is huge and can be easily found in the center by its white and blue symbolic and a polar bear on the logo. The beautiful shop of merchants Eliseevy with colorful interactive window shows just next to Gostiniy Dvor could provide you with an inspiration what sweets to bring home.

Winter Clothes 

Originally, the ancient Rus was famous for its furs and leather. Rus had a wide chain of trade relations through which it realized its furproducts (pushnina) called Russian soft gold. Yet nowadays these products are of high quality in Russia which can become a good product with reasonable price to buy for yourself or as a souvenir for dears. Elena Furs and Snezhnaya Koroleva (Snow Queen) have been recommended by many locals in Russian forum discussions, check their offers. Beautiful scarfs, especially Orienburgskiy scarfs or Pavlopasadskiy scarfs  can be mentioned as nice colorful a la rus style presents from Russia. Actually, any winter clothes, nice hand made mittens and socks, sweetshots and caps may be a good practical souvenir or a original present. Russians are very good at doing winter clothes of all kinds: obviously, it is so cold here 🙂


It is going to be the most unbanal souvenir that you can bring from Saint Petersburg. But actually killing two birds with the same stone is such a brilliant idea: your vacation can turn out into investment in the future!  Learn a lot of things at which Russians are good: go to Russian history and culture lectures, ballet classes, theater seminars, painting master-classes, classic and modern literature discussions, skiing courses and singing lessons. If you have an idea what else you could learn from Russians feel free to contact us and we will provide you with a piece of advice how to realize it. And, of course, there is no better place to study Russian language that Saint Petersburg, cultural and literature center of Russia: a lot of specialists are ready to teach you how to speak Russian using English, German or Spanish as a language of explanation. Some of available Russian language courses in Saint Petersburg, express and thematic as well as level increasing ones you can also find on our website.

Alcoholic beverages  

Finally you can sigh and revoke all your stereotypes piled up somewhere deep inside your consciousness  – oh, yes, of course, vodka! Actually, yes, vodka in Russia is very good. Here the rule the more expensive the better works. But vodka Russkiy Standart (one God knows why) is liked the most by foreign tourists. Though it is a good deal in terms of quality/price.  Want to know what vodka Russians drink? I would disappoint you a bit but vodka is not that popular among Russians at the moment as it has been imagined. The foreign drinks (wisky, wine, gin) are more appreciated.


Despite the fact that tea associates mostly with Asia Russia got liked this product so much that tea here is one of th most favorite and popular drinks. Russians drink tea during each meal. That is why tea in Russia reaches very high quality. Even the usual cheap tea of existing in Europe producers would be better here than the same somewhere in Finland or Germany. If you are a fan of herbal tea it is a must to try Russian traditional tea  – Ivan-chay (Ivan-tea).

Russian bioproducts

Russian bioproducts or ecoproducts are good purchase or presents for your relatives. A big variety of tea, especially famous traditional Russian herbal tea Ivan-chay (Ivan-tea),high quality honey from Altay and Southern regions of Russia, forest mushrooms and sugar-free sweets, ecoclothes and ecoaccessories, ecocosmetics and even medicines would blow up your imagination and exceed your expectations. They are mostly produced in traditional way or with help of traditional recipes so it is difficult to find something more authentically Russian than them. On our website we have collected some of the best ecoproducts from the most reliable farmers and producers. Must take a look!

Books and postcards

Russians are a lot into books woods and paper. So that is why you can find here cheap books of any kind and also paper guides about Saint Petersburg with beautiful photos. Postcards for each taste, notebooks and day planners are offered in souvenir shops and bookstores. Visit Zinger’s house (House of Books) in the intersection of Nevskiy prospect and Griboedov canal where you can find not only all above mentioned paper production in a huge amount and variation but also café with nice view at Kazan Cathedral, ideal place for coffee and talk. Btw, on the top floor the headquarters of the most popular Russian social network Vkontakte is located. If you want to get up the house and experience breath taking view listening to history of the building there is a special excursion which you can find here.


Russian gold especially produced at Smolenskiy factory is known for its high quality and purity. It also has a stunning yellow sun-like tone which cannot be found in any other gold. Prices for it remains relatively low though. Check any jewelty shops along Nevsky prospect and ask for Smolenskiy gold factory products, they will not disappoint you. Russkiye Samotsvety (Русские самоцветы) – a local jewelry company – can offer you a lot of earings and rings with Russian stones, gold and silver. Take a look at Amber shops, the stone is one of the most beautiful creatures found in Russia and quite rare somewhere else outside Russia and Poland. Keep in mind that in general amber is not very expensive, don’t pay for that the price acceptable for diamonds.

Russian porcelain

Porcelain in Russia has a long history, it has been produced here since XVIII century.  In Nevskiy Prospect you can find shops of Imperial Russian porcelain, it has a wide choice of cups, plates etc. From belonging predominantly to high class noblemen in tsars times porcelain gradually migrated to Soviet flats and became a must be decoration in almost each Soviet family: porcelain dinnerware was carefully kept in wall cabinet and taken out only during celebrations and guests visits. Some of such dinnerware produced during Soviet times you can find in fleamarket near Udelnaya metro station. If you are fascinated by that sort of things you should also visit the Porcelain factory museum located near Lomonosovskaya metro station.