Shopping in Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is an amazing place for shopping. Which places you should visit entirely depends on what kind of products you would like to buy.

Clothes and Shoes

If you are interested in brand clothes the most popular place among locals is Galeria in Vosstaniya square near Moskovsky Railway station. In this huge shopping mall in the center of Saint Petersburg you will find Pull&Bear, Levi’s, Cotton, H&M, Mexx as well as clothes produced by famous Russian designers. Toys and clothes for children, bank, supermarket, cinema, spacious food corner and a restaurant with panoramic view on a roof of the shopping mall would meet all your needs.

If you have at least half a day reserved for shopping you could go to one of MEGA’s big shopping malls. Busses are going there from the metro stations Dybenko and Parnas as well as from the city center – from metro station Chernyshevskaya commercial bus K-269 goes and from metro station Ploshchad Lenina commercial bus K-254. You will find there not only fashion clothes and shoes for any price but also IKEA and supermarket Ashan. The mall has a play ground so while you are busy with shopping children can have fun.

If you are a big fan of such luxe and premium brands as Boss, Michael Kors and Calvin Klein you can visit a recently opened Outlet Pulkovo near the airport. It is a huge shopping mall where you can buy favorite brands with a tangible discount up to 70 %. Shopping express is going there from Ligovskiy prospect 61, near Crown Plaza.

Kuznechniy market

Kuznechniy market located near metro station Vladimirskaya/Dostoevskaya in a pompous building with a clock and sculptures is one of the oldest and most beautiful markets of the city. In tsars times territory of the market belonged to Vladimirskaya church. Peasants from different villages were coming here to sell their products. Later, the Soviet government decided to built a roofed market on this place. On your way to Dostoevsky museum you can take a look at the market as it is situated just next to the museum: variety of fruits, vegetables, types of honey, bread and sweets would definitely surprise you.

Hand made shops 

Walking around the city you can easily run into small hand made shops with jewelry, souvenirs, dolls, decorations and presents created by Russian masters manually. Go inside a shop for a minute, don’t miss chance to improve your mood for the whole day! All items sold there are unique and sometimes exist only in one variant. If you would like to buy something really local, authentic or of Russian production, check out our article Anti-Matreshka Souvenirs from Saint Petersburg.

Market “Apraksin Yard” and Sennoy Market

Market “Apraksin Yard” in the center of Saint Petersburg, between Fontanka river and Sadovaya Street, is a place with long interesting history. The market has been created here in XVIII century, it has been burnt down several times and rebuilt again and again. During Soviet times it was a popular place for selling and buying products illegally brought from Europe and America by black Russian marketeers. Nowadays its demolishing or modernization are being discussed in the city administration from time to time, but it is still there with its not always pleasant look. The sellers came there mainly from former Soviet republics with their cheap clothes, shoes and home items. Apraksin yard is gradually melted into Sennoy market where you can buy the cheapest fresh vegetables and fruits coming from Azerbaidjan and other places. By the way, many characters of Dostoevsky books visit exactly this market, Dostoevsky has been acquainted with it very well. In general, Sadovaya Street starting from Nevskiy prospect up to Sennaya/Spasskaya/Sadovaya metro station is a good place for shopping with reasonable prices. You can find here clothes, shoes, wedding dresses, jewelry, food. In Sennaya square you will find several shopping malls.

Fleamarket near Udelnaya metro station

If you like second hand things and old retro items such as coins, postcards, soviet photographs and photocameras, toys, icons, medals and other interesting trifles from the past you should not miss fleamarket near Udelnaya metro station. After you go out the metro station you will immediately run into some sellers but turn right and after some time you will reach your destination. Its working hours are flexible and sometimes dependant on the weather as well: some sellers are working 7 days per week, but the most active bargaining emerges on weekends from 10-11.00 till 15.00. Be careful and watch your belongings as not only sellers but also pickpockets are earning money there.