Stereotype № 1. Saint Petersburgers are going to bed late and wake up late as well. This stereotype looks like having long roots going back to the times of Pushkin, or maybe even deeper. It is known, that in XIX century in Moscow at 12 o’clock you would have been invited to have lunch while in Saint Petersburg they would have asked you to join for breakfast. Well, it is still true at the moment. Check our cafes, for example; breakfast there is served till 12 o’clock or even later. Nevertheless, recently healthy life styles have become fashionable and even at 6 or 7 in the morning you can meet runners along Fontanka or Moika. Bioproducts, healthy eating, following normal regime of the day became very popular among young generations.

Stereotype № 2. Saint Petersburgers are well educated and highly spiritual people. In one square meter here the number of cultural places are higher than in any other city. More than 300 museums, 100 theaters and uncountable amount of galleries, art-spaces, lofts and just interesting places. If you even don’t want to be well educated you don’t have any choice in such a surrounding; even in metro wagons they teach you how “to speak as a Saint Peterburger”.

Stereotype № 4. Saint Petersburg is Russian window to Europe. It is not a secret that Saint Petersburg differs very much from other Russian cities because its destiny is tightly connected with destinies of Europe. Saint Petersburg is Russian Venice, foggy Albion, Amsterdam and God knows what else. Architecture, music, literature were competing with the masterpieces of European art. Walking along Nevsky prospect you will run into churches of all confessions, except perhaps for Lamaist temple, and from Dvortsovaya embankment you will see not only Peter’s and Paul’s Orthodox Cathedral but also one of the biggest mosque in Europe. Finally, Saint Petersburg is the gay capital of Russia where you will easily find a gay bar. Catherine Garden is known as a favorite meeting place of lesbians.

Stereotype № 2. Saint Petersburgers are cold and frozen, they speak slow, think and decide long. If you are from Northern Europe I guess you will never get the difference: these features are common features of Nordic people. In short, Saint Petersburgers are a kind of Russian Finns.