The peak of tourist season in Saint Petersburg starts in June and ends in the last days of August. During this time the length of lines to the main museums of the city can become an unpleasant surprise for you. We will give you several tips how to avoid wasting your time in a queue.

  1. Don’t choose the time from June to August for your trip to Saint Petersburg. Choose May instead – the white nights, no crowds yet, not cold already and not so rainy. Or September – beautiful time, autumn, still very warm and most tourists have returned to their countries and cities.
  2. Buy electronic tickets whenever you can (especially if you are heading for the Hermitage).
  3. Go to a museum with a guided tour. For groups the doors of the museums are always open.
  4. Choose the time for your visit to a museum carefully. For example, the Hermitage doesn’t work from 10.00 till 18.00 only; on Wednesday and Friday it is open till 21.00. But not everyone knows about it – use your being informed and enjoy the half-empty halls hosting masterpieces! 🙂 The same is relevant for the Russian Museum: Mikhailovskiy Palace and Benua building are open till 20.00 on Monday and till 21.00 on Thursday.
  5. Try to avoid visitng the Hermitage on: – Tuesday (The museum is closed on Monday, so the crwds double the next day; it’s also the day when the Russian Museum is closed); – every first Thursday of the month (the day of free admission – huge lines are guaranteed). (photo