The public transport in Saint Petersburg include 4 main means of transport  – metro, buses, trams and trolleybuses. The detailed transport map of the city center you can find here on our website (btw, that’s the only transport map that exists in the city). You can pay for your ticket in two main ways – in cash inside a bus or with a special transport card called Podorozhnik (it is necessary to add credit on it before using transport).

First way to pay instructions: you can pay in cash to a special person, conductor (he or she will come to you to collect money), when you get on the bus, tram or trolley. If there is no conductor on a bus, just watch what locals do; usually you are getting off a bus through the front door and pay to a driver. The cost of one ticket is 40 rubles, and it’s better to have change.

The second way is a bit more complicated. You can buy Podorozhnik in metro stations ticket offices, there you can also add some money on it. Or you can buy Saint Petersburg Card (for 2-7 days to visit museums and sights for free) where Podorozhnik has been already embedded. Anyway, Podorozhnik has two main advantages: tickets will be cheaper for you and you don’t need to have change/cash/try to explain something to a conductor or a driver. Using it is simple: when getting on a bus you need to apply it to a special machine called validator. When ready for work, validator normally shows the blue light. After you press your card to it, it must change to a green one which means payment is accepted. If you apply it repeatedly, no extra money is going to be charged and the light will change to orange. A conductor can come and check your card once again with a special tool; don’t worry, during that check no money is taken from your card either.


  • have change.
  • listen carefully to announcements in a bus or a trolleybus, some of them might be in English.
  • if you forgot to take a transport map and cannot open our website to take a look at it due to some reasons, please ask a conductor of a bus for a free transport map, they must have some.