Time Cafes or Anti-cafes

The idea of anti-café or time café was born in Saint Petersburg: a café where you pay not for food but for time splendid inside. Coffee, cookies, board and video games are included. Such place are created to motivate people to communicate more than to consume. Proud to say that the inventor, Ivan Mitin, originates from Saint Petersburg and at the moment he is an owner of one of the most popular and atmospheric time cafes in the city –   Ziferblat. Spend one evening in such a place; it will make you feel better the life of the city, meet locals and just have pure fun.

Cats Cafes

(photo catsrepublic.ru)

Despite the fact that the idea of cats café came from the Asia it became popular all over the world. The last 5 years dozens of cats cafes were open in Europe, America and Asia. St. Petersburg didn’t stay aside; inside the city Cats Republic has appeared. Visit this purrrr-purrrr country, get in touch with its citizens and experience cats-therapy. The good mood for the rest of the day is guaranteed!

Self-cost Bars

Paying for alcohol self-cost price in the bar with nice atmosphere, concerts and dance evenings. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? But there is nothing  impossible in the Northern Venice. Visit self-cost bars such a Commode, for example, where you will pay hour fee and get an access to the self-cost drinks and snacks.

The Most Popular Russian Network Vkontakte Headquarters

(photo vip-fake.ru)

Not everyone outside Russia knows that Facebook is not the most popular network among Russian speaking people. Network Vkontakte was created by Pavel Durov, a student of Saint Petersburg State University at those days. Now the audience of Vkontakte reaches more than 400 million users. The headquarters of Vkontakte are also located in Saint Petersburg; when you visit Zinger House (House of Books) just look from outside at the building. Can you see a tower on the top of the Zinger House? Yes, here it is, Vkontakte headquarters. Sometimes there are even some excursions to headquarters which you can check in their official group. If there nothing is going on at the moment, you can at least get close to the headquarters as a member of excursion to the roof of the Zinger House. Plus, will get a spectacular view on the city and get to know the history of the building.

Contact Zoos

Forget about bars between you and a rabbit, a squirrel or a donkey! In contact zoos you can touch them and take photos as if you were old friends. There are several contact zoos in the city as well as outside Saint Petersburg. Bugagashechka or Cheburashka in the city, Raduga and Priyut Belosnezhki in suburbs will let you, your friends and especially children enjoy close contact with animals.

Free Dinners  

Free Dinners is a part of Russian foodsharing community activity. Every Saturday at 15:00 at Ligovskiy 56B or Sunday at 19:00 in Rumyantsev park on Vasilievskiy Island you can enjoy free meals. Meeting locals and experiencing some of Russian dishes are guaranteed! Donations are welcome but not mandatory.