Saint Petersburg Metro Map will inform you about how to get from Pulkovo Airport to the city centre (buses 39 and 39э will take you to Moskovskaya metro station) or how you can go from your hotel to Nevskiy prospect.
Using our map you can also find out which metro station is closer to the Hermitage, the Russian Museum and the Mariinskiy Theatre.
We are doing our best to follow all the changes in public transport functioning. Stations undergoing construction or renovation are marked on the map.
Attention! Metro station Lesnaya is closed for renovation until the end of 2017, however, the trains pass through it and the live functions normally.

The Drawbridges Schedule is also really helpful while you are in Saint Petersburg. Knowing the schedule of the drawbridges you won’t get stuck in the city centre when the bridges are raised. Moreover, if you want to see the raising of the bridges in Saint Petersburg, which is really romantic, the exact information about the bridges raising and lowering times is just crucial.

Attention! The scedule has changed since last year. Specially for the visitors of our city
Dvortsoviy and Troitskiy bridges are now raised earlier! 🙂

Saint Peterburg Metro Map and Drawbridges Schedule are designed by Saint Petersburg at Your Pace.